Mert Guthrie
Fort Worth
Jul 06, 2014 @ 2:33 AM

Great site! Look forward to following along.

Wimberley, Texas
Jun 17, 2014 @ 2:35 PM

Like the web site and the Lottery Song is pretty cool... it's got a twang to it Hope to see you live soon!

Daren Underwood
Jun 17, 2014 @ 10:53 AM

Yo! I got your email forwarded form Hays Co tyvm. I like the Lottery song! Let's JAM!


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Come over to the Dark Side, we have punch and cookies

 With a band name like Redneck Jedi sometimes it’s a little hard to take this band seriously. A blend of country and rock, Redneck Jedi delivers it’s own brand of Texas music to fans all across the great State of Texas.

Originally formed in 2003, redneck Jedi can certainly talk about the past, but prefers to look to the future, and that future is bright for this three piece band.

The band includes Jedi veteran Dennis Phillips who was there from the start. “The early days, what can I say? Jedi’s history is colorful with several studio records, live CD’s, Texas Music Chart hits and more shows then I can remember, but as a musician and person we all grow,” said Dennis.

And grow, Redneck Jedi has. Returning Jedi member Daren Underwood and new drummer Courtney Watson, the band has grown to a tight three piece that knows how to put on a show and delivery the music fans want to hear. From George Strait to George Thorogood, Redneck Jedi has always had its roots planted deep in music the fans love.

Now in the studio for the fourth time, the band is working on ten brand new songs including the title track “Freedom.” “Freedom is a song I wrote for my grand father and father. I come from a line of men that have fought for this country and our freedoms, myself included, I just wanted people to know that these men and women keep us safe and have earned our respect,” said Dennis.

“During my break from redneck Jedi, I got a chance to work with a really talented guy, Jim Ragsdale. You will be able to hear his song writing skills on “Cajun Purgatory” as well as “Bummed out on a Bayou.” I knew the moment I heard these songs I wanted to record them and Jim will join us in the studio as well,” said Dennis.

The band has a lot of plans for the upcoming tour as the booking has begun and dates mark the calendar. “We hope to get to as many corners of Texas as possible, we have a lot of fans out there that have waited for us to return since the 2011 Road Runner Tour,” said Dennis. The band performed more than 140 dates for the Road Runner Tour and looks forward to hitting all their favorite hot spots across the state, and few they have not played.

So stay tuned here for more information, studio updates and tour dates which are being added all the time.



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CD is finished, planning out the CD cover.

Last week all of the recording portion of the CD process was completed! All that remains is editing, and post-production magic, then it's off to the manufacturer, and in a couple months, we'll have Freedom available for you!

We've started our search for models to use for the CD cover, we'll only say that it involves WWII-esque bomber nose art.

We have some great submissions and it's getting tough to choose between the best models. It sometimes feels like this part of the CD requires more work than writing the songs! But, we're well on our way and are starting to make the final choices that will ultimate steer the art department right where we want them to go.

We're excited about this, and can't wait to get it out there!

Everybody is taking the rest of the year off to be with family before the final stretch and the start of the release tour.

So until next year when we put rubber on concrete (lookout DFW), y'all have a safe and Merry Christmas, or the holiday of your chosen belief, and a Happy New Year!


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Inside the Warroom

  The battle raging inside the Warroom will have amazing results as Redneck Jedi continues the new CD "Freedom." This past Saturday, Daren and Courtney laid down the backbone of the record with outstanding tracks of pure perfections. Newly appointed Producer Dustin Hendrecks (pictured) has taken his role seriously throughout the project.

The band spent two days getting the heart of the record down. This week Brian is laying down the acoutic rhythm tracks and Dennis will be in later this weekend to get after all the remaining guitar parts. It will be a long weekend, but the new CD is really coming together well. Thanks to the guys at Warroom Studio for all their hard work!

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Photo shoot in the can

  Redneck Jedi spent thsi past Saturday with Photographer, Zeke Bermudez tromping all over Robertson County. The result are some pretty cool new tour promo photos. Look under "Snaps" and go to media files, we will be adding the new shots soon. Thanks to all that helped get this done!

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Website Changes and More!

We have been working very hard to get this website updated. We have added a blog for the studio work if you want to follow our progress as the new CD gets done. We have also updated the Calendar page to add the artwork for the two shows in September.

The band is getting ready to do a photo shoot, so many more pics and stuff on the way. 

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Courtney Watson Joins Redneck Jedi

 Drum roll please….

Courtney Watson has joined Redneck Jedi on the drums.


Courtney joined Jedi in the studio this past Saturday for rehearsal.


Rehearsals were at Waveform Austin and the band did a couple of hours to get their wheels under them. The bands plans on several more sessions, however according the Dennis, the band won’t need long to get the sets down.


“Courtney is a natural Jedi, he hits those drums and is a time machine of precision. Everyone’s excitement level jumped through the roof. The tunes just cam naturally and everyone instantly bonded. Fans are in for a real treat on this tour.”


Dennis is headed to Warroom Recording Studio next Saturday to lay down the initial tracks that will form the new Redneck Jedi CD “Freedom.” Courtney will follow, then Daren on bass.


“It is short notice for Courtney, but he can handle it, the dudes a master and is working on the tracks now,” said Dennis.


Daren and Dennis hooked up a couple of weeks ago to layout the bass lines. “What can you say man, it’s Daren for God’s sake, those bass lines are tight,” said Dennis.

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For more information regarding booking or shows contact Dennis Phillips at 979-250-2733.